Volunteer Experience

Service Learning and Volunteer Experience at ACPA

The Experience

The Volunteer Experience begin the first Wednesday in October and run through the end of May. Unless ill, each student attends his/her volunteer experience on each Wednesday that school is in session. A mentor will show each student his or her responsibilities and explain how the organization is run. Students are expected to dress professionally and conduct themselves as responsible representatives of ACPA. Thursdays are dedicated to reflecting on their weekly experiences and sharing those experiences with the class.

Connection to the Curriculum

The class is designed to expose students to a variety of issues including: Health, Environment, Social Justice, Economic Justice and Education. Volunteer sites will match up with one of those topics in order to ensure that the class content matches the student experiences.

Getting the Volunteer Site / Performance Expectations

Teachers will facilitate students in finding and securing a volunteer placement that is desirable and beneficial but ultimately, each student is responsible for obtaining her or his own placement. Students will dress appropriately for each placement and conduct themselves as young professionals, knowledgeable of the fact that they represent ACPA. Students will practice daily reflection throughout their volunteer experience, further developing the ability to make connections between on-site and in-class learning. Student performance evaluations will include writing, reflection, peer sharing and presentations.

Communicating With The Volunteer Site

Essential to a successful volunteer experience is the creation of effective, efficient and reliable communication means between the site and the ACPA staff. Prior to placing a student, ACPA's Service Learning Teacher and Vice-Principal will establish contact points that will enable all parties to easily share information, providing each student with the best possible chance for success.