Wednesday Workshops

Wednesday Workshops is a program at ACPA that is designed to integrate learning across the academic and arts curriculum. With an emphasis on co-teaching and collaboration, Wednesday Workshops are six or twelve week, project-based, mini-units that cover a variety of subject matter, providing students and staff alike with innovative exposure to academic and arts content. They are predominately co-taught by the ACPA staff. The Wednesday Workshops are organized and planned collaboratively by pairs of teachers, with block scheduling, allowing in-depth investigation into the process, as well as more time than the normal daily schedule allows.

For the teacher(s), these workshops are an opportunity to try new things, to refine project ideas, to be creative and progressive in their teaching methods, and to continue to develop as professionals at the top of their fields. There are limitless possibilities for our teachers to implement groundbreaking instructional methods. For the student, these workshops are an opportunity to have more choice in the classes they take, to learn in a hands-on environment, to be exposed to subjects that are not part of the normal curriculum, to experience a variety of outstanding teaching strategies, and to sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Wednesday Workshops have been a tremendous success at ACPA this year. The plan for the 2011-2012 school year is to build upon the success of this year, and to expand the program to include more local satellite learning spaces. Potential sites include, The Columbus Museum of Art, The Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio Historical Society, Franklin Park Conservatory, and the Grange Insurance Audubon Park.

Our hope is that, in collaboration with these public learning spaces, we can provide more rich and meaningful cross-curricular experiences for ACPA students and open more doors for our teachers to expand and explore their potential By planning workshops around specific events, exhibits and performances that are permanent fixtures or special exhibits at these sites, ACPA students will continue to have the opportunities to pursue nontraditional learning that is powerful and transformative.