Last week, we announced that we will begin the 2020-2021 school year in an all online, digital model. Please click the buttons above to learn more about the plan, our decision making process, and next steps for making this upcoming school year a success

Next Steps

1) Computer Pickup - ACPA will be distributing computers at the school on these days:

Monday, August 24th from 8am-11am
Tuesday, August 25th from 10am - 1pm
Wednesday, August 26th from 4pm - 7pm

If a family member is picking up a computer for a student, they must bring a photo ID. If you are unable to make it on any of these days, please email

2) Annual Forms and Registration - It is time to complete the annual online registration for the upcoming school year (Emergency Medical Form, Technology and Media Release, etc.) You will receive an email from ACPA next week with a link to complete the forms. These forms MUST BE COMPLETED in order for students to receive their schedules.

3) Orientation Night - ACPA will be hosting virtual orientation nights for the middle school and the high school. Students and families should plan to attend to learn all the ins and outs of the upcoming school year including a school day walkthrough, Schoology training, Powerschool training, Counseling resources, Meet the Teachers sessions, Virtual socializing, Virtual schedule pickup, Course supply lists and more.

Middle School Orientation: August 20th 6pm. (Login information will be communicated later)
High School Orientation: August 25th 6pm (Login information will be communicated later)

The Virtual Orientation Nights will be recorded and posted on ACPA's website (and sent through our email system) the day after the event. While all the information will be available through this recording, all students and families are strongly encouraged to attend live.

4) Additional Supplies for classes (Provided by ACPA) - Most art classes will require additional equipment/supplies (paint canvases, drums, guitars, etc.) in order for students to successfully engage in learning through this digital format. ACPA will provide these materials and will facilitate a pickup date for these shortly after the school year begins. Students enrolled in these classes will not need these materials until well after the pickup date. ACPA will announce this pickup date soon.


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