Third-Day of School Instructions (High School 9/3/20)


Checking in to School (Attendance)

*This will be the very first thing you do every day of virtual learning. Complete this task between 8:30am – 8:50am every day*

1) Open your Chromebook and enter your ACPA account in the pop-up screen.

2) Enter your ACPA gmail password

3) Go to

4) Log in with your ACPA gmail account (

5) Find your Home Base Class on Schoology and click on it.

6) Complete the attendance check-in by 8:50.

7) You have now checked into Home Base and are "here".

*Teachers will also take attendance in every livestream that you are supposed to attend that day!*

Following your Schedule

Today is a Livestream Academic Day. That means that you only go to academic classes during the periods that meet today (See the schedule for the week here). During periods today that you would usually go to an Arts Class, you will use that time for Asynchronous Learning.

Period 5                  8:55 – 9:55
Period 6                  10:00 – 11:00
Lunch                      11:00 – 11:55
Period 7                  12:00 – 1:00
Office Hour            1:05 - 2:05 (see below for more information)
Home Base             2:10 – 2:40
College/Career      2:45-3:45 (see below for more information)
Work Time              3:45 - 4:05

How to follow your schedule:

1) Click on Courses at the top of your Schoology page.

2) Find and click on your Fifth Period Class (this is 5th period and NOT 1st period because yesterday we went to our Periods 1-4 classes and today we will go to our Periods 5-7 classes).

3) Click on the Zoom Link or Button that your teacher has provided to attend your Fifth Period class. Make sure to get there by 8:55!

4) At the completion of Fifth Period, find your Sixth Period course and click the Zoom link or button to attend your Sixth Period class (just like fifth period). You’ll have 5 minutes in between classes.

5) Continue to do this for every class on your schedule. (You do not need to check in anywhere for lunch. However, make sure you are back online at 12:00 and in your 7th period zoom meeting!)

Office Hour

All teachers will be hosting office hours, which means that any student can visit any of their teachers to ask questions, get caught up on something they missed during the week, or dive deeper into something they are studying. To attend a teacher's office hours, click on the Office Hours Zoom link/button on their Schoology page.

College & Career

Students, please check your Daily Announcement Email (which will be sent tomorrow morning) for instructions on attending College and Career Readiness sessions.

Work Time

Use this work time (3:45 – 4:05) to complete any assignments!


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