Catherine Mcmillin

Catherine McMillin

Spanish Teacher

Teaching for me started in a jungle. If you think I'm kidding, you've never seen the kudzu of Arkansas. Having majored in Drama and History at Kenyon College, teaching was not on my radar until I heard about Teach for America. A program designed to close the achievement gap, it places recent college grads in classrooms around the country. To me, a Midwesterner by raising if not by birth, Arkansas was a foreign culture. I spent two highly eventful years teaching Economics, Civics, and African American History. After two years, I decided it was time to move to Columbus to be close to my now-husband. (Looks like the move worked!) At ACPA I have had the opportunity to indulge in another passion of mine-Spanish. I studied in Seville, Spain and have also traveled to Guatemala. It's a fascinating language that I encourage everyone to study! French has nothing on Spanish in being a language of love. When I'm not teaching, you can find me with my nose in a book, snuggling with my cats, or somewhere in the world (China, the Netherlands, Morocco, etc. being a few of my travel destinations). ACPA es maravillosa y los estudiantes son increibles!


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