UPDATED: 3/23/20

Guidance for Parents and Guardians 

During this challenging time where schooling, work, and life have been so disrupted, ACPA staff is working hard to ensure that education continues and your student has the support of our talented team and somewhat of a return to normalcy through a virtual ACPA community. Your support, oversight, and guidance at home will become even more critical than usual during this time. Please familiarize yourself with the changes we are currently making and do not hesitate to reach out to us as we work together in this endeavor. As we learn more about what works best for our students in digital education, we will be making changes and adjustments, so please be flexible with us while we are learning together. 



ACPA recognizes that this abrupt shift in how we do school will be disruptive for some of our families, and it will take time to adjust and develop a new schedule at home.  Parents & Guardians: we need your help here! Please do your best to prompt your students to login to their artcollegeprep.org gmail account daily, read the daily announcements, complete and submit the attendance form every day, read all new correspondence from teachers, and complete and turn in assignments on time.  This will help create some normalcy and will ensure that learning continues (our ultimate goal here). That being said, school attendance is still compulsory, and we will be in touch if we do not see you in the virtual ACPA learning environment. We will start counting attendance for high school students on Wednesday, March 25.  


Classwork and Virtual Staff Office Hours

All ACPA teachers will be using Google Classroom to deliver instruction and Google Meet/Hangout to host daily office hours.  Every teacher will provide a reasonable amount of work each week and instructions for turning work in for credit. You can make real-time appointments with your teachers to go over material that you need help with.  The first day of virtual classes for high school students will be Wednesday, March 25.  


High School Specific Instructions 

Students will be asked to log into artcollegeprep.org email and complete the Daily Attendance Google Form every Digital Learning Day. They will then log into Google Classroom and complete assignments posted by their teachers. Students should either email or attend their teachers’ posted office hours as needed to ask questions or get clarification on materials, directions, or assignments. Lastly, students are expected to adhere to ACPA values, the Student Handbook, and good digital citizenship. 


Middle School Specific Instructions

The first day for Middle School attendance and virtual classes will be Monday, March 23.  Please defer to any communication directly from Mr. Albeit regarding any other middle school specific instructions. 



Ms. Ruff and Ms. Zimmer will be available during regular school hours (8:55-4:05) for additional student support and resources.  Students wanting to talk to their counselor should contact them through email or text to set up an appointment, and their counselor will get back to them as soon as possible.  Ms. Ruff can be reached at 614-636-5353 or ruff@artcollegeprep.org.  Ms. Zimmer can be reached at 614-636-3178 or zimmer@artcollegeprep.org.  Ms. Breedlove and Ms. Parker, our counseling interns, can be reached at acpacounselinginterns@gmail.com.  

Check ACPA Counseling Google Classroom for additional resources as we will post regularly.  We will be looking to utilize Google Hangouts to establish counseling groups both ongoing and new.  Look for an email for an invite for these activities. Additionally, it is important to continue exploring your college/career options, so we will want you to work on your grade-specific Vision assignments in your Advisory Google Classroom.  We will provide helpful, relevant content for this curriculum.  

Finally, look for more information in the future about virtual Career Fair opportunities!


Special Education and Intervention Services

As we begin our Digital Learning, the Intervention Team will continue to provide support services and accommodations to our students to the best of our ability.  We are currently in the process of developing plans and systems to continue to meet students' needs and provide support for instruction. As our first Digital Learning Week starts, the Intervention Team will be reaching out to students and families to check-in and help students as they begin their digital learning tasks. 

Moving forward we will schedule regular check-ins, develop lines of communication to keep parents informed of students' needs and progress, and work with students to complete work and have access to assistance.  Accommodations and modifications will continue to be provided and as always we will work to create solutions for any challenges that arise. We ask that you be patient with us as we develop our new routines, but rest assured that our goal continues to be to help students be as successful as possible.


High School Advisory 

Advisory grades will be based on the following:

    • Vision:  Ruff and Zimmer will be developing a modified version of the VISION curriculum that students will be responsible for completing.


  • Deeper Connection Series:  You will be asked to tune into the Deeper Connection Series live, or watch the recording then complete a short reflection (turned in to your Advisory teacher).
  • Friday Afternoon Live!:  You will be asked to tune into the Friday Afternoon Live! Sessions or watch the recording and then complete a short assessment to turn into your advisory teacher.  



Google Chrome Book Borrowing

Please e-mail Emily Collins (collins@artcollegeprep.org) if you need to borrow a chrome book.  Include student name, grade level and the best phone number to reach you.  Ms. Collins will call you to schedule a pick up time. All public pickups will happen at the Future Entrance on the east side of the building near the purple benches.  


Instrument Borrowing

Please e-mail Mr. Demland (demland@artcollegeprep.org) or Ms. Reddy (reddy@artcollegeprep.org) if you need to borrow a musical instrument.  This will be limited to guitars, drum sticks and keyboards. Students must be enrolled in an instrumental music class and have Mr. Demland or Ms. Reddy’s permission to borrow an instrument. Include student name, grade level, which instrument you are requesting, and the best phone number to reach you in your e-mail request.  Ms. Collins will call you to schedule a pick up time. All public pickups will happen at the Future Entrance on the east side of the building near the purple benches.  


State End of Course Exams

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) announced that standardized testing will not take place this spring.  However, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) will need to apply for a waiver to the USDOE to ensure that Ohio students are legally exempt from testing.  Once this happens and we have a final word on that matter from ODE, ACPA will communicate how this will affect our students. 


Advanced Placement Testing

On Friday, March 20th, the College Board announced changes in the AP exam testing administration for 2020, related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than having students gather together at school in May, students will take their College Board AP exams from home. Tests will be 45 minutes long. The College Board has also revised the curriculum covered on the AP exams. On April 3rd, the College Board will release more information about question types, testing dates, and instructions for how students will go about ordering their AP exams. It is very important for you and your student to look for updates from ACPA and your student's AP teacher for exam access information. You should expect to receive more details the week of April 6th, 2020. Please contact your student's AP teacher, ACPA Testing Coordinator Ms. Zimmer zimmer@artcollegeprep.org, or Ms. Waluzak waluzak@artcollegeprep.org with questions. 


Arts Events

Until we hear more about how long Ohio schools will be closed, all events are indefinitely postponed.  There is a possibility some or all will be cancelled. ACPA arts teachers and guest artists are trying to organize some virtual performances.  These could be super fun, so keep an eye on your e-mail for how this might work for your class or performance group!


Deeper Connection Series & Friday Afternoon Live

We plan to continue (and probably even expand) our Deeper Connection Arts Series!  Check your daily announcements for participating artists, dates and times. Every Friday afternoon, Mr. Gatto or a guest host will explore a timely topic through various subject specific lenses with staff members.  Look for info in your daily announcements on how to tune in and get involved. Our first topic will be Social Distancing.   



Here are two good maps of places serving meals for those who need them.  Let us know if you need further assistance with obtaining meals. 

Whole Child Nutrition:


Columbus City Schools:



Digital Learning Etiquette

Read through this presentation to learn about some behavior guidelines for digital learning:



Free or Low Cost Internet Resources:


Comcast Internet Essentials






ATT https://digitalyou.att.com/low-cost-internet/?utm_source=highspeedinternet.com&utm_medium=affiliate&clreqid=62882152-72f9-4f46-accc-24c4daa38d79


Mediacom https://mediacomc2c.com/apply.aspx?utm_source=highspeedinternet.com&utm_medium=affiliate&clreqid=62882152-72f9-4f46-accc-24c4daa38d79


Spectrum Assist https://www.spectrum.com/browse/content/spectrum-internet-assist.html?utm_source=highspeedinternet.com&utm_medium=affiliate&clreqid=62882152-72f9-4f46-accc-24c4daa38d79


Other Resources


Contact information for Support

Course specific - contact individual teacher directly  

Middle School specific - contact individual teacher directly or albeit@artcollegeprep.org

Assistance with internet resources - contact Emily Collins (collins@artcollegeprep.org) or call ACPA (614-986-9974) 

Trouble logging into student’s email or PowerSchool accounts - waluzak@artcollegeprep.org  or call ACPA (614-986-9974) 

Student behavioral issues or concerns - contact waluzak@artcollegeprep.org

Counseling Department - contact zimmer@artcollegeprep.org  or ruff@artcollegeprep.org 

Borrowing / sign out a Chromebook - contact gatto@artcollegeprep.org and collins@artcollegeprep.org

Trouble navigating Google Classroom - contact wagner@artcollegeprep.org 

Other technology support needs - contact wagner@artcollegeprep.org

Contact Mr. Demland regarding instrument borrowing demland@artcollegeprep.org

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