Dear Caregivers,

We are writing to remind you of the End of Course exam retakes which are taking place on Monday, January 10th and Tuesday, the 11th, 2022. As you know, ACPA is having a digital learning week from January 4th to the 7th. This means that test retakes will be the first two days the students return to school. We know this is difficult timing, but retakes cannot be rescheduled. We are making an effort to reduce the impact of this as much as possible. To that end, we are hosting digital test prep via Zoom during the digital learning week so that students can still have their final test prep session with their tutors. This will take place at the same time as their usual weekly test prep. Students should check their email before the session for the Zoom link. If students are unsure about what time their tutoring is held, they can find that in their email as well.

We appreciate your support in ensuring that your student logs into their virtual test prep meeting on January 5th or 6th. We encourage you to reach out to your student’s counselor during the digital week if you have any questions about End of Course exams or test prep. We look forward to seeing your child on Monday, January 11th!

Warm Regards,

Carley Roe & Tara Zimmer
School Counselors, Arts & College Preparatory Academy

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