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When is the first day of school?
The first day of school is September 1, 2020.

How often is my student expected to “attend school” in the all digital model?
Your student is expected to follow the school schedule published in this manual. Students are expected to engage with school 5 days a week in the All-Digital Model.

Does ACPA plan to change its learning model in the middle of a term or semester?
ACPA plans to assess it’s decision each term. ACPA will use the best data and information provided by the State of Ohio, Centers for Disease Control, Ohio Department of Public Health, and Ohio Department of Education to make the safest decision for our community.

If an individual has already had COVID-19 do they still need a mask?
Yes, until we are told by health experts that it is no longer necessary.

Who will supply the masks for students when they return to school?
ACPA will provide masks to each ACPA student. ACPA will keep extra masks in stock at ACPA in case an individual forgets a mask.

Will every student use an ACPA laptop this year?
Yes! ACPA is going to a One 2 One Technology policy this year. Each student will be expected to complete all schoolwork on an ACPA device.

How will my student know what supplies to purchase for the school year?
A detailed supply list will be provided before school begins. Any supplies that need to be picked up at ACPA (technology) will be available to pick up during assigned time slots.

How will my student be supported in career and college readiness?
Students will engage in College and Career Readiness as well as the College Liftoff and Career Exploration classes.

Will ACPA be providing counseling and other wellness services?
Absolutely! ACPA School Counselors will be made available. Students may also be referred to outside counseling services.

Is Professional Development being offered to teachers to assist with these new models of education?
Teachers are engaging in extensive training and learning opportunities.

If we are in the all-in or hybrid models of learning and a student needs to self quarantine for 14 days due to a possible COVID exposure, will they still be able to access their schoolwork?
Absolutely. ACPA will work with students to ensure they are accommodated to learn at home.

How will we be notified if our student has been exposed to COVID-19?
The school will notify students immediately after learning of a possible exposure. Families with high risk of exposure will be contacted first.

Will I have the option of changing my student’s learning model at any point during the school year?
Once a student enrolls in the teacher-paced virtual model (different from an all-digital model), they will be required to make the choice for the entire semester.

Will intervention and specialized services be available in the hybrid and all-digital learning models?
Students will have access to intervention and specialized services in both hybrid and all-digital models.

How will students be split into cohort groups for the hybrid model?
ACPA will consider multiple factors when creating cohort groups including grade levels, course offerings, siblings, bussing, and carpool arrangements.

What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 during the school year?
Individuals must be isolated for 10 Days before returning to school. Individuals must also be fever free without medication for 72 hours, and 100% symptom free before returning to school.

How will students engage socially in a hybrid and all-digital model?
Students will have access to clubs, supervised social opportunities, and school performances!

What opportunities does the community have to engage in ACPA events
ACPA will be featuring various formats to engage the community including but not limited to ACPA Hour and Friday Night Live! We look forward to sharing more details as they become available!

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