Dear ACPA Community,

Yesterday, Governor DeWine announced that school buildings in Ohio will be closed for the remainder of the school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this announcement is disappointing in that we will not be finishing the year in person with you all, we are confident that this decision will help keep the ACPA community, and those we live and interact with, healthy and safe.

ACPA staff is working very hard to keep learning going online, and will continue to do so through the end of the school year (May 22). We know you all are working hard too – students doing the work in a different way and more independently, and parents and guardians helping instill structure and guidance, many of you working from home. This has been a challenging shift in changing the way we do things, but also a lesson in resiliency, perseverance and creative problem-solving – all qualities that we try to foster and encourage in our students. Try to rely on those lessons when things get difficult, and please continue to work with your teachers and other members of the ACPA staff to problem-solve and find methods that work for you.

Finally, I want encourage everyone to follow the guidelines recommended by state public health officials – stay home, wear a cloth mask if you need to go to public places like the grocery store or go out for some fresh air, keep a 6 ft. distance from individuals in public and seek help from a doctor if you are feeling sick. The more we collectively play it safe by following these guidelines, the better chance we have of returning to a normal school year in the fall. We will continue to update you all when new information is announced.

Reach out – we are here to help and value your input. We are in this together, but also, together, we got this!


Mr. Gatto
Executive Director

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