Arts & College Preparatory Academy
Director of Human Resources and Compliance (DHRC)

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The Arts & College Preparatory Academy (ACPA) is an arts focused, independent community school on the east side of Columbus that serves a diverse population of students in grades 7 through 12 from over 25 different districts in central Ohio. ACPA is in its twentieth year of operation and has consistently been one of the highest performing charter schools in Ohio.

ACPA is seeking qualified candidates for a new Director of Human Resources and Compliance position. This position is highly collaborative with the Executive Director and reports directly to the ACPA School Board. The DHRC will be expected to help shape the culture and climate of ACPA by developing and implementing an essential support system that is responsive to staff needs and rooted in clearly defined role expectations. To apply, send a resume, cover letter and any pertinent credentials to

Responsive to organizational change that has occurred after a major expansion project and the effects of the pandemic, the DHRC role will be crucial to ensuring continual growth, further expansion of the ACPA program, sustainability, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion staff initiatives.

The DHRC will also be instrumental in shaping new school policies that promote the ACPA mission and vision, and the school values of kindness, respect for diversity, honesty, problem solving, communication, participation and awareness. The DHRC will also be expected to reflect the mission, vision and values in all interactions with school stakeholders – including students, staff, parents and community partners.

Salary Range: $65,000 – $75,000, annual contract
Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, life, free tele-health access, paid vacation time, state
retirement plan.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree or 5+ years of direct Human Resources experience;
thorough knowledge of employment related laws, regulations, HR trends and best
practices; strong interpersonal, consulting and listening skills; proven ability to assess
and implement improved processes and procedures, familiarity with various HR systems
(HRIS, payroll, applicant tracking, time and attendance, performance management);
experience using the Google suite; highly ethical and able to maintain strict
confidentiality; experience in a non-profit or educational setting a plus; PHR or SPHR
certification a plus.

Human Resources
• DHRC will identify and implement staff recruitment strategies focused on attracting and engaging a diverse pool of job candidates and staff retainment strategies focused on creating a progressive and inclusive professional environment that is collaborative and supportive.
• DHRC will lead all interviewing and hiring processes.
• DHRC will identify, develop and implement staff onboarding initiatives that focus on ensuring new employees are informed of ACPA policies and procedures, are included in the climate and culture, understand staff expectations, and the school mission, vision and values.
• DHRC will ensure that all employees of ACPA have up to date and thorough job descriptions. DHRC will keep a database of all ACPA job descriptions, past and present.
• DHRC will ensure OSHA and EEOC compliance and implement staff safety initiatives.
• DHRC will ensure that all staff is properly licensed according to the state of Ohio, and that required background checks and licensure renewal requirements are satisfied.
• DHRC will create a system for administering and ensuring completion of all required annual and semi-annual (or otherwise) staff training at the federal, state and local levels.
• DHRC is responsible for annual and ongoing upkeep and dissemination of the staff handbook.
• DHRC will identify, develop and implement a staff system of accountability to the school values, employment handbook and contractual obligations – this system will include an appeal component.
• DHRC will identify and implement a staff conflict resolution system.
• DHRC is responsible for classified employee evaluations.
• DHRC will ensure maintenance and security of all staff files.
• DHRC is responsible for answering employment verification inquiries.
o DHRC is responsible for development, upkeep, maintenance and delivery of all staff contracts – including but not limited to full time, part time, supplemental, and visiting/guest artists and                         teachers.

   • DHRC is responsible for overseeing the collection, housing and implementation of following systems:
o Staff employment paperwork, staff benefits and insurance paperwork and applications, staff time off (sick, personal and vacation leave), hourly staff and daily substitute timesheets, payroll,              and other necessary reporting to the treasurer’s office, annual audit assistance to the treasurer’s office.

Policy Development and Compliance
• DHRC will work collaboratively with the board, executive director and school stakeholders to continually develop and implement board policies that reflect a progressive and inclusive school environment.

   • DHRC will ensure that all board policies and ACPA procedures are compliant with Ohio state requirements, and requirements of the school sponsor.
• DHRC will develop a policy review system.
• DHRC is responsible for upkeep of the Epicenter system and sponsor related compliance requirements.
• DHRC is responsible for ensuring compliant public notification of board policies when relevant – including ensuring that parental notifications are posted on the school website.

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