High School

End-of-Course (EOC) exams are being administered in person at ACPA per the state of Ohio guidelines.  These exams count toward graduation requirements and measure what our students have learned over the course of the year.

All students currently taking the following courses will need to be at the school on the scheduled date to take the corresponding EOC test.

Monday, May 3rd

Tuesday, May 4th
US History

Students will need to be at ACPA the entire day for each day they are testing (8:55am – 4:05pm). Students may get picked up when they have completed all testing for the day (standard time testers may get picked up at 1:35).

Please call the school (614-986-9974) if you have any transportation issues.


Middle School


All students in the All-Virtual Learning Model (Orange Group) will need to come to the building to take their state mandated Ohio End of Course Exams over the course of the next few weeks. Below are the times the students will need to be in the building.

Wednesday May 5

Math  - 9:00-12:45


PURPLE Group Testing Schedule

Tuesday May 4th


Thursday May 6th


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