• ACPA gives every student the opportunity to have a voice in their schedule through a course request. This information is used to determine the number of interested students and to create the master schedule. Because of this, we ask you to consider the "why" before asking for a schedule change. Reasons for a schedule change may include:

    1. Student needs a certain class in their schedule to satisfy a graduation requirement.
    2. Student requested a course that is no longer available.
    3. A course has been scheduled that requires a pre-requisite beforehand.
    4. Student has a medical issue that could interfere with current schedule.
    5. A technical error has been made during the scheduling process, such as 2 classes during one period.
    6. Student has been contacted by the administration about a needed schedule change.

    NOTE: Any request for a schedule change outside of the reasons listed above may be declined. ACPA is a small school and we do not have the ability to change around classes for all students. Reasons a schedule change may be declined:

    1. Student wants to drop a course required for graduation.
    2. Student does not like their assigned teacher or classmates.
    3. Student prefers a different time for a given class.
    4. Student is unhappy with the course workload.
    5. Student is no longer interested in the elective they signed up for.
    6. Student wants to drop a class for an extra-curricular activity, work, or to leave early.

    Schedule changes will be accepted for the first 2 weeks of school. After the first 2 weeks, a schedule change will require a discussion with an administrator or counselor, and ACPA will determine whether the request can be granted. Schedule changes outside of a student request may be initiated by the school to even out classes. If this is the case, applicable students will be notified prior to change. In the space provided, please describe which class(es) you would like to add/drop and include reasons why you'd like to add/drop those classes.

  • Please describe which class(es) you would like to add/drop, and include reasons why you'd like to add/drop those classes.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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