arts college prep classroom

Please contact the school or email the appropriate person to address your questions and concerns, and we will strive to promptly reply to all inquiries.

In Person / Via Mail

Arts & College Preparatory Academy
4401 Hilton Corporate Dr.
Columbus, OH 43232

Phone: (614) 986-9974
Fax: (614) 986-9976


Executive Director
Anthony Gatto

HS Principal
Amanda Waluzak

MS Principal
Sarah Fingerhut


Jennifer Ruff

Tara Zimmer


Enrollment Director
GG Howard

Enrollment Coordinator
Sharon Udoh

Marketing and Development

Ben Shinabery

Teacher and Staff Email

All staff can be emailed by typing their last name +

Administrative Support Staff

Administrative Assistant
Kati Nelson

Administrative Assistant
Emily Collins

Administrative Assistant
Fayth Dobbs

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