ACPA sets students up for success by following the Honors Diploma:

  • 4 English (4 years, not just 4 credits)
  • 4 Math (4 years, not just 4 credits; includes Algebra 2)
  • 4 Science
  • 4 Social Studies
  • 3 years of Spanish (or 2/2 years of another two different languages)
  • .5 of PE & .5 of Health

Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits, which include the specific requirements in each subject area. Most students at ACPA graduate with at least 5 fine arts credits & over 24 total credits.

The bare minimum state credit requirements are as follows: 

  • 4 English (4 years, not just 4 credits)
  • 4 Math (4 years, not just 4 credits)
  • 3 Science (Physical Science, Life Science, and Advanced Science)
  • 3 Social Studies (World History, US History, & US Government) 
  • .5 PE & .5 Health 
  • 5 elective credits (foreign language, fine arts, etc.)
  • .5 Financial Literacy (Class of 2026 and beyond only)

PE Credit is available through yoga at ACPA or completing an independent credit flex, which consists of logging the required hours and an in-school exam. Credit Flex packet is available here.

Health credit is available through the health course offered at ACPA or by completing the independent health credit flex which consists of a study guide and in-school exam.

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