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2021-2022 Academic Calendar

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2020-2021 Student Art & Performances

News & Events

Pandemic Performances & Exhibitions

Click here to check out all the performances and exhibitions created by ACPA students throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Graduation Ceremony

Click here to watch a recording of the Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony

Off Brand

Check out the latest edition of [Off Brand] - ACPA's Art and Literature Publication


Click here to watch the 2020-2021 Winterfest Production.

Rigorous curriculum

Our academic programs are demand a commitment from our students. We believe in challenging our students with a robust college preparatory academic program that prepares our students for college.

Our students graduate feeling empowered and self-assured that they will succeed in their next endeavor.

ACPA has been the highest academically performing charter high school in Ohio for seven years in a row.

A donation of any size helps ACPA offset the costs associated with continuing to achieve high academic excellence.

Arts & College Dance Program

The dance program at ACPA was like a gateway for me to find my personal style and creativity. No pressure, no forcefulness, just a helping hand in opening myself up to what I never knew I was capable of.


class of 2018

I have never been judged ever for anything I've said or done. Nearly every opinion and idea is accepted and/or tolerated. Plus, whenever I'm feeling down or just not up to it, I have people emotionally supporting me and making sure my day is much better than before.


Although some of the teachers and students may not always understand what others are experiencing, they are always willing to learn.


I just wanted to express my feelings during an ACPA visit I had with my children, Taylor and Tyne. GG Howard was kind enough to set up a shadowing experience for them on that day. It was an absolutely astounding day!






Visual Art

Visual Art

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Vocal Music

Vocal Music



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