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1. Who do I contact about...

2. Counseling

3. Transportation

4. School Meals

5. Academics & Student Information

6. Attendance

7. Records & Contact Information

8. Communications & Events

9. Enrollment

1. Who do I contact about...

After School Program - Asya Mosley,

Attendance (High School) - Sarah Silver,

Attendance (Middle School) - Emily Collins,

College Credit Plus - Your student's counselor (see below question 'Who is my student's counselor?')

Course requests & class schedules - Your student's counselor (see below question 'Who is my student's counselor?')

Events & ticketing - Fayth Pennington,

Medications, vaccination records, & student health - Nonha Powell,

Newsletters and communication - Fayth Pennington,

Powerschool - Please call our front desk for help with Powerschool (614) 986-9974

Records & transcripts - Emily Collins,

School Breakfast, Lunch, or the Free & Reduced Lunch Program - Paul Snyder,

Schoology - Please contact your student's Homebase teacher. Schoology tutorials are coming soon for all families!

Transportation - Sarah Silver,

2. Counseling

Who is my student's counselor?

Middle School - Adam Todoran,

High School (A-K) - Eric Gerlach,

High School (L-Z) - Carley Roe,

What does a school social worker do/ how are they different from a counselor?

A school social worker supports students and their families with social and emotional challenges by providing counseling, crisis management, and links school and home to community services where needed.
Counselors guide students in academic, career, and personal development by helping them navigate school related challenges and plan for their futures.
School social workers and counselors work together on many school and student support initiatives such as school policies, groups and classes, and one on one work with students. Your student may meet with just a school social worker, school counselor or both. 

Can my student still come to ACPA if we move/are experiencing housing instability/homelessness?

Yes! Please contact Christopher Winchester, ACPA's School Social Worker and Homeless Liaison at 

3. Transportation

What students are eligible for bussing?

Currently, bus transportation is only available to students residing in the Columbus City School District, Groveport Madison Local School District, and Bloom Carroll Local School District. Please contact your home school district transportation office to inquire about payment options for families not receiving bus transportation from their district. For more information, please visit our Transportation page.

When will I receive my child's bus route?

Current students who have applied for transportation will receive routes at least one week before the beginning of the school year. New students who apply for transportation will receive their routes within 10 business days of their application.

Can I change my child's bus stop?

If you reside in CCS, you may call CCS transportation to learn about alternative stops and times on your child's route. If you wish to change stops, please send an email to to receive a stop change request. Complete the request with the new stop information and return it via fax (614-986-9976) or email. If you reside in Groveport or Bloom Carroll, please contact the district directly to get information about changing stops.

My student's bus didn't show up - who do I call and what should I do?

Please call your home district transportation office if your student's bus hasn't arrived.

Columbus Transportation - 614-365-5074

If it's a UTS route, call 614-324-7710

Groveport Transportation - 614-836-4788

Once this has been reported to the proper Transportation department, please call or email our Attendance office to let us know your student may be late to school.

(614) 986-9974 and press 1

Where can I drop off and pick up my student?

Click here to view the drop off/pick up map for Middle and High School.

4. School Meals

Does my student qualify for free or reduced-price meals?

There are multiple ways a student can qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

  1. If your family income is within federal income eligibility guidelines
  2. Your family receives SNAP or OWF benefits
  3. The student is a foster child under the care of a foster care agency or court
  4. Students meeting the definition of homeless, runaway, or migrant (please contact us if you aren't sure if your student meets these definitions)

If you aren't sure if your student meets these criteria or have questions about your student's eligibility, please contact Paul Snyder, Child Nutrition Director at

5. Academics & Student Information

When are report cards sent to families?

ACPA no longer sends paper copies of report cards to families, however, grades can be continuously monitored via Schoology, and ACPA will notify families when term and semester grade cards are available to view in Powerschool. 

How do I reset my Powerschool password?

Please contact our front desk for any Powerschool-related questions - (614) 986-9974.

Can I set up a meeting with my student's teacher?

Please contact your student's teacher directly via email to schedule any phone or in-person meetings. Visit our Staff Page for a complete list of staff contact information.

Who do I talk to if my student is failing?

Please contact your student's teacher directly to discuss your student's grades. Visit our Staff Page for a complete list of staff contact information.

6. Attendance

How do I report an absence?

Please call (614) 986-9974 or email Every absence must be reported to ACPA on each day of absence (for example, a multiple-day absence due to illness must be reported every day that the student is absent).

What is an excused vs. unexcused absence?

The list below outlines reasons for which an absence from school may be excused per Ohio Revised Code 3301 and explains in which cases written verification or communication with ACPA administration is necessary:

  • Student Illness - A physician or mental health professional’s written excuse is required if a student is absent from school for 3 or more consecutive days.
  • Family Illness - Administration may require a physician or mental health professional’s explanation of the necessity of the student’s absence.
  • Quarantine of the Home - Excused absence is limited to the length of the quarantine as determined by the appropriate public health official. Documentation from a healthcare professional is required.
  • Death of a Relative Excused absence is limited to a period of 3 days. Communication with the administration may result in a longer excused time period.
  • Medical or Dental Appointment - A physician, mental health professional, or dental office’s written excuse is required in this case. A doctor’s appointment does not excuse a student from a full school day, unless proof is shown to merit this. Students are expected to be at school before the appointment, acquire all missed assignments, and return after the appointment. Students who do not have documentation for the entire day will receive an unexcused absence for the total hours missed.
  • Observance of a Religious Holiday - Any student will have an excused absence if the purpose of the absence is to observe a religious holiday consistent with their religiously held beliefs.
  • College Visitation - Written verification from the college or university attended is required. College visitations are limited to three per student per year unless the school counselor or an administrator gives permission for more than three. College visits are not permitted during midterm week or the last two weeks of school.
  • Other Absences - A discussion should be held with administration if a student requests an absence for reasons other than those outlined above. Absences may be determined unexcused and will count towards truancy. This may result in an Absence Intervention Plan.

Who should I contact if my student is going to have an extended absence due to family emergency/health emergency?

Please contact our Attendance office regarding any extended absences.

(614) 986-9974 and press 1

7. Records & Contact Information

How do we update our contact information?

If your phone number or email address has changed: Please email to submit any changes.

If your address has changed: Please submit an update Proof of Residency to Addresses cannot be updated until a valid Proof of Residency is submitted. Valid forms of proof include:

  • Current mortgage statement or current lease (dated within the last 30 days) in the name of the parent/guardian or owner of residence
  • If leasing/renting, the name and phone number of the landlord must be provided in order to verify the lease.
  • If the parent/guardian is using a month-to-month rental/leasing agreement, s/he must provide a typewritten statement on business letterhead from the landlord at the time of enrollment. The statement must have the signatures of all parties and include the terms and conditions of the lease, the landlord’s contact information, the address of the rental location, the parent/guardian’s name, how long the parent/guardian has been on a month-to-month basis, and the current date.
  • Current water, gas or electric utility bill (dated within 30 days) in the name of the homeowner/leaseholder. Phone/cable bills are not accepted.
  • Official deed with homeowner's name and address listed
  • Two most recent employment check stubs with the parent/guardian’s name and current address
  • Most recent check stub, received from the Department of Human Services or Social Security office, addressed to the parent/guardian
  • Statement from the Department of Human Services or Social Security on letterhead, indicating the address used by the parent for receipt of checks
  • Official document from the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services stating the parent/guardian name, current address, and date
  • Form for Displaced Families - for families experiencing homelessness

8. Communications & Events

I'm not receiving newsletters - who do I contact?

If you aren't receiving weekly ACPA newsletters, be sure to check your junk/spam folder for emails from If you don't see anything, please contact

How do I purchase event tickets?

Not all events require a ticket! For ticketed events, ticket purchase links can be found on the News & Events page of our website, and will also be posted to our Facebook and Instagram (@artcollegeprep) accounts. For non-ticketed events, you don't need to purchase a ticket or RSVP. For a full list of ticketed events, please see our Arts & Events Calendar.

9. Enrollment

Who do I contact about my student's enrollment?

Please contact Juan Rojas with any enrollment questions.

(614) 986-9974 and press 5

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