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Graduation Requirements Overview

Ohio Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements for the class of 2024 and beyond has three parts. Students must complete all three parts in order to graduate. More information can also be found at: 

Part One: Cover the Basics

  • Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits, which include the specific requirements in each subject area.
  • ACPA sets students up for success by following the Honors Diploma:
    • 4 English
    • 4 Math
    • 4 Science
    • 4 Social Studies
    • 3 years of Spanish (or 2/2 years of another two different languages)
    • .5 of PE & .5 of Health
  • Most students at ACPA graduate with at least 5 fine arts credits & over 24 total credits.
  • The bare minimum state credit requirements are as follows: 
    • 4 English (4 years, not just 4 credits)
    • 4 Math (4 years, not just 4 credits)
    • 3 Science (Physical Science, Life Science, and Advanced Science)
    • 3 Social Studies (World History, US History, & US Government) 
    • .5 PE & .5 Health 
    • 5 elective credits (foreign language, fine arts, etc.)
    • .5 Financial Literacy (Class of 2026 and beyond only)

Part Two: Show Competency 

  • Students must pass the End of Course tests in Algebra I and ELA II (English 10).
    • Students must earn a score (684) on both tests.
    • Students who miss the score must retake the test(s) at least once, and ACPA will provide test prep.
    • Makeup tests take place in December of the following school year.
  • There are additional pathways if a student is not successful after attempting the test twice. Talk to your school counselor if you would like to know more.

Part Three: Show Readiness 

  • Students must earn 2 college/career readiness seals by fulfilling state and/or school requirements
    • There are 9 state seals and 3 local seals
  • Many ACPA students earn 2 seals through EOC tests. Other students can earn seals in various ways, such as through ACT scores, class grades, and completing forms. Talk to your school counselor for more information.
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