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ACPA Theater Program

Welcome to ACPA's vibrant theater program, where any student can discover the magic of the performing arts! Led by a talented team of instructors including Mr. Dodge, Ms. Woodard, and Ms. LJ, our theater classes offer an immersive experience for middle and high school students passionate about drama, storytelling, and the art of performance.

Our diverse curriculum covers a wide range of topics designed to develop students' skills and deepen their understanding of theater. From exploring Acting Styles: Period & Genre to mastering Standard and Advanced Stagecraft and Production, students have the opportunity to delve into various aspects of theatrical production under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Whether you're a newcomer to the stage or a seasoned performer, there's something for everyone in our theater program. Freshman Acting classes provide a supportive environment for beginners to build confidence and explore the fundamentals of acting, while Theatre Composition empowers students to unleash their creativity and develop original works.

For those with a flair for comedy and improvisation, Theater Styles: Comedy & Improv offers a playful and dynamic exploration of comedic performance techniques, while challenging students to think on their feet and embrace spontaneity.

The learning doesn't stop in the classroom! Each year, our theater department comes alive with excitement as students collaborate on the production of a Fall Play and a Spring Musical. From auditions to rehearsals to opening night, students work together to bring captivating stories to life on stage, fostering teamwork, creativity, and a deep sense of accomplishment along the way.

Through our theater program, students not only develop valuable performance skills but also cultivate essential life skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving (some of our own ACPA Values and Habits). Whether pursuing a career in the arts or simply seeking a creative outlet, ACPA's theater program offers a supportive and inspiring environment where students can discover their passion for the stage and shine brightly in the spotlight.


ACPA's Fall Play 2020 - "The Birds" by Aristophanes

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