This year's fall play at ACPA will be a production of The Birds by Aristophanes.  This ancient Greek play is almost 2,500 years old, and is one of the oldest comedies in the world!  Don't worry, though.  Our production is not only using a modern translation, but we are also rewriting the play to make it fun and funny again. The script is being adapted by a group of ACPA staff and students, with input from professional Columbus comedians and improvisers, and it will be workshopped in rehearsal as well, which means that the cast will be free to shape their lines and actions throughout the rehearsal process in collaboration with the cast and crew.
What is the play about?
The Birds tells the story of two citizens of Athens who leave the city because they are tired of corrupt politicians, failing democracy, and wealthy special interests.  They want to found their own city, where the people can be safe and free! There is a problem, though: all the land around Athens already belongs to someone. The two decide to get creative, and ask the King of the Birds to build them a perfect city in the sky, where they assume that they can avoid making all of the mistakes of the people of Athens. That assumption, of course is very wrong, and they end up having to fight the gods themselves for their city.
When is the play?
The play will be performed on November 20th and 21st at 7pm.  It will be broadcast on zoom, either as a remote zoom play OR as an in person performance with a virtual audience.  Rehearsals for the play will take place on Wednesdays after school and on Thursday afternoons during asynchronous learning time.  Not all actors will be called for every rehearsal.
How do I audition?
You do not need any experience to audition for the play! Auditions will be done remotely through Flipgrid. In order to audition, you must perform and record a monologue of no more than two minutes in length (please make sure that your monologue comes from a published play, not a television show or movie).
You may perform any monologue that you already know, or you may use one of the two audition monologues that are provided for you. Those monologues can be found here:
Your monologue should be performed on the flipgrid page at this link:
When performing your monologue, please say your name, the name of the character you are playing, and the name of the play that it comes from before you perform. When you are done recording, just submit the video.  Other students will NOT be able to see your video when you submit it.
What if I want to help in other ways?
We are looking for a collaborative writing team! If you are you are interested in helping to rewrite and adapt the play, please contact Mr. Dodge ASAP at
Crew positions will be created later as well, once the production begins.  All crew information will be sent by email and morning announcement!
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