Traffic at ACPA

Thank you for your continued patience as we adjust to a new drop-off/pick-up procedure. We understand that wait times are long and congestion is an ongoing issue, and we are actively working to mitigate these issues.

One big source of traffic congestion has been the closure of the Hilton Corporate/I-70 connection road. Here is a statement directly from the Ohio Department of Transportation in response to concerns voiced on this project:

"The Ohio Department of Transportation is actively collaborating with local schools, businesses, and law enforcement to identify potential adjustments as the traffic pattern changes. Emergency response access has been maintained on the access road to Hilton Corporate Drive, and a gate will be installed on the access road that is accessible only by emergency responders. We have coordinated this with local law enforcement and fire/EMS agencies, and first responders will be able to access any facility rapidly by utilizing the gate with a radio-controlled system."

We encourage all families and staff to comment directly on the project page on the Ohio Department of Transportation website. Every voice counts.

Another contributing factor to traffic congestion is the semi-trucks parked along Cloverleaf during dismissal. ACPA is in the process of submitting a request to establish a restricted parking zone in this area during dismissal times. We will pass along information as we receive it.

How to Help

  1. Voice your concerns on the Ohio Department of Transportation website. Click here to be directed to the project page for the I-70/Hamilton construction.
  2. Contact Mayor Ginther's Office voicing your concerns:
    1. By phone: (614) 645-7671
    2. By email:
  3. Email 311 ( and request that a restricted parking zone be established on Cloverleaf Drive during school pick-up/drop-off hours.

Please reach out to Mr. Wagner, Ms. McMillin, and Mrs. Pennington with any updates or information. We will continue to update the community as we receive more information.

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