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4 thoughts on “Palermo”

  1. As I spend more time looking, I notice all the small details in your newer pieces. I’ve noticed that you’ve started to add stitches into the material that you’ve done your work on as well as use new shapes i.e. the more circular piece.

  2. I believe the (from what i can tell) new 3 dimensional piece really adds to the theme and inquiry, because it feels so tangible. It feels like an alien lump of trauma, and the look and texture of it certainly conveys the idea of some sort of tumorous substance that has been battered and burned, even. I love the overall grunge aesthetic that holds this portfolio together, and it really forces the viewer to wonder about what the materials went through to get the look they have now, also fitting with the toxic inquiry.

  3. Your connection to cognitive behavioral therapy was fascinating and I loved reading the rich descriptions of your process. I certainly felt empathy and related to emotions expressed in these pieces.

  4. Fern Post [2016 Alum]

    I love the abstract interpretation that can be taken with these pieces. The use of unusual materials and the different process.

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