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8 thoughts on “Addington”

  1. It looks like your first piece especially with the paints had the prompt of distortion, with the bleeding colors into each other. And the brushstrokes being both very visible and kinda muddied together. And the faces almost have that uncanny valley vibe with them being just slightly weird and distorted. The second piece seems less so but still it could be argued with the distorted perspective, and mix of stylization. I think it would be really cool to see where you go with more of that bleeding muddied look that you where getting. Maybe even see if you can get that with those ink makers by finding their solvent and mixing them.

  2. I notice repetition in your piece and it is creating an ethereal sort of feeling with how the figures overlap and blend into the background. It feels still, but moving, and overall creates a very cool vibe.

  3. Absolutely floored on the first piece. I feel the raw emotion behind it all. Almost like it’s a demon awaiting from within one’s self.

  4. These are so rich in emotion and I loved reading about your techniques. I hope you achieved your goal, you are very talented!

  5. Hi Willow, I am a local artists and art teacher, I find your artwork to be very well crafted. I appreciate your willingness to try new materials and techniques. The baking soda candle technique is one I had not heard of before and I think you did an excellent job with those materials. Keep up the hard work and willingness to explore! Congratulations on the publicity as well!

  6. I appreciate the level of experimentation! I think some of your pieces could have more detailed backgrounds and a bit of polishing. Going outside of your comfort zone can be difficult sometimes. Wonderful portrayal of emotions and how they can feel without being able to express them.

  7. Wow that anxiety image is brilliant!!! You totally nailed it. Thank you for making your work.

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