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6 thoughts on “Addington”

  1. Absolutely floored on the first piece. I feel the raw emotion behind it all. Almost like it’s a demon awaiting from within one’s self.

  2. These are so rich in emotion and I loved reading about your techniques. I hope you achieved your goal, you are very talented!

  3. Hi Willow, I am a local artists and art teacher, I find your artwork to be very well crafted. I appreciate your willingness to try new materials and techniques. The baking soda candle technique is one I had not heard of before and I think you did an excellent job with those materials. Keep up the hard work and willingness to explore! Congratulations on the publicity as well!

  4. Vivian Morrison

    I appreciate the level of experimentation! I think some of your pieces could have more detailed backgrounds and a bit of polishing. Going outside of your comfort zone can be difficult sometimes. Wonderful portrayal of emotions and how they can feel without being able to express them.

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