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7 thoughts on “Bahney”

  1. In contrast to your previous pieces, your new artwork feels more textured and meaningful with the added text. The linework is much different and creates a stronger sense of urgency within the work, the contrasting colors also add to this effect. In the more recent pieces, your colors are stronger against one another, similar to the black and white images but with color, it creates a more alarming feel to them as if something urgent is happening and you need to pay attention.

  2. It really seems like they stepped way out of their comfort zone for the last two pieces, and I love it. The more obtuse colors and linework with forms and shapes intermingling and intersecting are wonderfully hard to comprehend, and the text really adds a lot to it. It’s amazingly well done and really builds on the ideas I put forward in the first critique, about how incomprehensible this seems. The move away from basic black lineart and colored in forms makes these pieces really stand out, and the stark contrasts are simply eye candy.

  3. Breathtaking, especially “Tightrope.” I loved seeing the reference poses and considering the sacred/profane in each piece.

  4. Patricia St.James

    I’m quite impressed with your rendering skills. I’m also really enjoying the interplay between the religious iconography and the concepts of gender explored in your work, however I’m not quite sure how the two are connected. Perhaps this could be a little better explained in your inquiry question.

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