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8 thoughts on “Bonnell”

  1. it looks like you used the synectic prompt __distort_______ (repeat/scale/distort). I notice…It created a really cool ripple effect in the person’s hair. It kind of looks like some sort of smoke and I love it. I also like the contrasting colors between the figure and the background. On slide 8 it looks like you used repeat in the background. I think it’s a ribcage. It makes me wonder what it’s about. Great choice of colors!

  2. In contrast to your previous pieces, your new artwork feels like it has a darker story behind it. I am curious to know about the roses and rib cages and if they have symbolistic meaning. I like the contrast between the dark hair, red roses, and white bones. I think it adds a balance to the piece.

  3. The first thing I notice about the piece on slide 8 is the repetition of roses alongside the ghostly head with their hair surrounding the rib cage, face, and the hand holding the rose. The shading and highlights all around are very smooth and it gives it a nice calming yet deathly tone.

  4. Fern Post [2016 Alum]

    Your work kinda adds in the feel of vaporwave especially the 3rd piece. I like the aesthetic used in a detailed artistic way.

  5. It felt like I was wandering through a great gallery show devoted to mental health and art (I’m a Psych professor). You are a great artist. I loved reading your thoughts about each piece.

  6. Each piece can stand on its own and has a strong presence but the pieces as a whole are strung together very well by the use of color and complex backgrounds.

  7. the colors in all of these are incredible !! i would buy all of these as giant prints. theyre amazing to look at !!!

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