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5 thoughts on “Calingo”

  1. The first thing I notice about this piece is…
    The colors! I love the colors and the brushstrokes on slide 8. I also think the flowers were a really great touch to it. It added a really cool focal point. There is lots of contrast between the flowers and the background and I think it’s really cool. On slide 7 I love the motion/ movement in the picture. It tells a story of where the character came from and where they’re going and I love that. The background reminds me of starry night by Vincent van gogh. Gives a very familiar feeling.

  2. I notice repetition and distortion in your piece and it is creating emotion through shapes and colors. These pieces remind me of something that I would see at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I like the 3D effect with the flowers on slide 8.

  3. Fern Post [2016 Alum]

    I think you portrayed how this year has been on a lot of folks. I really love your abstract piece. I feel like the colors compliment but contrast one another all at once.

  4. I think you have captured some experiences that may be very personal to you, but are nearly universal, especially in the past year. I definitely related to the burnout and exhaustion. I would love to see your take on hope.

  5. Abigail Lastnamé

    There is a very nice variety of style and technique in your portfolio that I think is very fitting and used to great effect for portraying emotions. However I feel as if some of your compositions might be improved if you cropped the images somewhat.

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