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5 thoughts on “Czaja”

  1. The first thing I notice about this piece is how striking your background is, you really nailed the galaxy. The beetle in front feels very important and the positioning and contrast work well to do that. I enjoy the piece a lot.

  2. Fern Post [2016 Alum]

    I really like the style of the Raven piece. I think there is some great strength in that style. While your pieces were pretty solid on ther own it does feel very mismatch as far as styles go.

  3. These are really evocative and lovely to look at. I found myself dying to know the titles of each piece to know more about what you were thinking. The descriptions were interesting, thank you for sharing.

  4. Maurice Antoinette

    Your paintings are quite charming! I love how despite having very distinct compositions and superficially having little in common, they all feel very cohesive as a group and bring out nice nuances in the each other , though they are all quite strong on their own. The graphite piece and the fox feel a bit out of place, but aside from that I really love your portfolio. The raven with the pomegranate, the wolf’s teeth and the landscape with a bird are particularly favorites of mine. I feel like your art strikes a really nice balance between being concept driven and feeling like something I could see people actually buying.

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