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5 thoughts on “Davis”

  1. In your second piece you worked with a completely different medium then the rest of your portfolio, with doing a mix of collage. You also strayed from the normal with your other piece not being a tarot card. But still having amazing imagery, and a really cool composition. I’m really excited to see where you go from here, with pushing the vibes and looks of your work. I think it would be really cool if you wanted to do more collage to use more stuff directly from nature, wether it be spore prints, leaves or anything else.

  2. Fern Post [2016 Alum]

    The text doesn’t feel as complete as the whole image. I will say though there is definitely a market for artist made tarot decks. Very good work on a whole

  3. I really loved the nature imagery and although I don’t know much about tarot, I enjoyed the combination and it felt like I could enjoy it and know there was more to discover about each piece that I didn’t understand.

  4. The writing doesn’t feel as finished as the rest of each piece but they still work very well as a series that show your concept thoroughly. I like the attention to detail as well. Very well thought out and executed.

  5. this is so beautiful i would literally buy prints of these to put all over my walls or even a real tarot deck with your art its so good

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