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8 thoughts on “Gilliam”

  1. It feels like you broke out of your comfort zone by trying out different color pallets in comparison to the ones used in your pieces on slides 3,4 and 6. In the piece on slide 8 it feels like it drastically stands out to the other pieces because of that color palette choice and it’s very intriguing to me and makes me question the significance of it and why that piece stands out.

  2. As I spend more time looking, I notice…
    That you seem to also like photography. I think it’s really cool how you take photos from your real life and draw them out. On slide seven did you use tape for the background? If so, that’s awesome. I also think it was a good choice to make pretty much all the main holes in the face gold, very interesting touch. On slide 8 the first thing I see is the texture. Not sure if this is on canvas or not but you sure did get the look of one (which is an amazing skill to have). The colors that you used also change in this piece. You didn’t use a lot of green before so this one stands out in a good way.

  3. I loved seeing the reference photos to see what was realistic and what was more dreamlike. I really liked the texture that came from the way you use lines.

  4. When I was scrolling through your pieces it’s almost as if your concept was gradually unfolding as I looked. Your pieces could use some finishing touches but you still took your audience on a journey through your pieces and made them think!

  5. I’d like to see you be a little more daring using contrast in the skin coloring. I love how you are getting your ideas from your own photos. The patterns are great.

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