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6 thoughts on “Harrell”

  1. It looks like you used the synectic prompt scale in the piece on slide 9. I noticed how the figure is a lot closer to the viewer then in most of your previous pieces. In addition the large wolf really grabs your attention in the way it appears to tower over the figure.

  2. This piece reminds me of Alice and wonderland/ old Grimm stories because of the whimsical color schemes and fairytale symbolism (farries, wolf, etc.) There is a flow between the two pieces that insinuate a story is being told. It reminds me of storybooks and how they have pictures for the scene that is being told. I could see myself reading a story to go along with these images in a fairytale picture book.

  3. It looks like you used the synectic prompt scale for the painting on slide 9 with the Fox being a much larger figure than the person themselves. It’s also neat to see the foxes relation to the pillars and think about how the fox doesn’t really fit into the room because of its size.

  4. I savored each of these and the wonderland series brought back great memories of seeing BalletMet’s Alice last year. I think it’s because you were able to capture so much movement and style yet still be recognizable as a known story.

  5. Parchment Psmith

    The use of color in your sustained investigation is truly breathtaking. There’s such a great sense of movement through your wonderland pieces as well. You have a wonderful understanding of light and some really great compositions throughout your portfolio. However some of your proportions, especially in selected works feel just a little off.

  6. i love the lighting in all of these !! giving me very much alice in wonderland but alisa edition. so beautiful !

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