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3 thoughts on “Hassan”

  1. As i look more and more into your pieces they just strike me so much, the faces tired worn, skin wrinkled and almost sagging. It really makes me think, what happened to them? Why have they seen? The linework and shading works perfectly to just completely fascinate and bring me into them. Their faces just stick in my mind. I really think you’ve done a fantastic job making them feel alive and there. I would love to see you put more color and thoughts into composition in them!

  2. It looks like you used the synectic prompt repeat. I notice not only a pattern on the bowl, but the repetition of similar objects in the background with the pottery. The colours you used with the pottery and the figure’s outfit give a cool balance and melody to the piece.

  3. The portraits were done beautifully, I really felt like I was looking at a multifaceted person. I liked your study of vases surrounding the portrait of the woman, the shapes were alike enough to form a pattern, but different enough to look real and interesting.

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