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5 thoughts on “Henninger”

  1. The first thing I notice about this piece is…

    Your light techniques! I love them! The way the characters are next to the fire seems very realistic. I also like that you don’t use black for outlining, it’s very unique. The characters’ clothing on slide 10 are very unique. Did you design them yourself? The hairstyle is also very unique, I’ve never seen anything like it. I just looked back at slide 6 and noticed the tattoos on the hand. There is lots of detail here which I’m sure took a lot of time. This looks like a really cool show that I would’ve watched when I was younger. How long did these characters take to design?

  2. The first thing I notice about this piece is the detail in each one of the characters. They are truly unique and original! Each one of them looks like an individual with a backstory that I would love to learn more about. They remind me of medieval characters in a sci-fi universe.

  3. It feels like you broke out of your comfort zone by incorporating fire into your piece and trying a new light source direction on slide 6 because from the other pieces the lighting has been more above the characters in contrast to the forward source in this one.

  4. Wow! I loved the perspective and lighting, it really highlighted the characters and mood of each scene. These felt like stills from animation, little glimpses into a story.

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